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    Hi All,

    here is my short piece from walkie at foggy weather ...

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    Some really lovely shots, What did you use to do the dolly shots ? If you could have somehow put some narrative in the video it could have stood the 3 mins length, however, without narrative I found after a couple of mins it was getting a bit repetitive. The editing matched the music well which needed to be at this slow pace.

    This does not not mean I didn't enjoy the beautiful photography.

    Well done.

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    very nice. i suspect a DSLR at work here

    i too would like to know about the dolly shots.

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    Thanks. Filmed with panasonic lumix GH1 (hacked FW) with Canon FD lens. Dolly is home made with fluid bearings , (1m lengh) so nothing professional..but for me is enough

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    Now you've told us it's home made you'll have to post a picture.

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    so here it is...nothing breathtaking


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    On the contrary it looks very well engineered.

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    Generally very good and beautifully shot. There is a bit of a "very nice but why?" question hanging over it - I think Midnight is right in that if you're going to make a film of that length it needs some sort of narrative. For a straightforward montage, I think it needs to be about a third of that in lenghth.

    The dolly shots were great: I thought the very low level dolly shots worked best.

    A couple of dislikes: the blurred running water at 1:38. In itself it's quite a nice look, a creative shot, but it stood in stark contrast to all the other shots of running water and I didn't think the contrast worked in this case. My other dislike was the camera not being square. This is fine for some shots but for water - especially still water eg 2:48 where there is no other real reference to the camera being tilted, it just looks plain wrong for water to be sloping! Interestingly this is not quite so bad on the shot preceeding this and I put hta down to (1) the water is flowing and (2) we see trees in the background which sort of explains that the camera is on a tilt.

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    Thanks for nice comment Tim. Critics are always welcome for better future filming

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