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Thread: Uses of a really old camcorder?

  1. Default Uses of a really old camcorder?

    Hello, I have being given a really old JVC Camcorder by a friend of mine, But since I already own a HD camcorder it is not much use to me but I was wondering what could I do with it for instance taking the lens off it to use for something, The model of the camcorder is GR-AX11.

    Thanks :P
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    What about selling it on E-Bay.

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    Suicide cam.

    Attach it to a few balloons, on a long bit of string and see how high it will go. Gaffa it to the front bumper of your car.... the list is endless...

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    Oh yeh. Thats a much better idea.

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    Ooh... I like! I've always wanted to drop a running cam off the roof of something like the Empire State Building.

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