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Thread: The device USB 2861 device could not be opened

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    Default The device USB 2861 device could not be opened

    I'm using an EZ-CAP (DC 60+) and Sony Vegas 6 (but people that have been using other versions also have had this problem), but whenever i try to capture something then it gives me the error "The device USB 2861 device could not be opened".

    So the problem is that Vegas thinks that the signal/stream/ez-cap is used by another application. How do i get past this?

    I know that people have had the same problem, but i've never found a working solution. I don't believe that in this whole forum that is all about capturing video, no one has ever posted about a problem like this.

    ____Some notes:____
    EDIT: I have problems with it in Ulead though. When i select NTSC it works, but it's black n white. When i select 50hz on my Xbox then it's in color :/ Why is that?

    When i set it to 60hz and choose SECAM in Ulead options, it shows in color, but only while im in the options. When i press OK it goes back to the black screen.

    EDIT2: I downloaded Debut Video Capture, and when i set it to PAL_60 in the options, it works perfectly. So the problem isn't the EZ-Cap, it's the software.

    EDIT3: Tried Magic Video Capture and like Sony Vegas it thinks that the stream/signal is used by other applications. Wtf? :/ Can someone help?

    P.S. Don't mind the edit parts, i copied this from my topic on another forum.
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    Are you saying you are attempting to capture directly into Vegas via USB? Have you done this before?

    Over the past 10 years, here are the several ways I have got media into Vegas;-

    1] Directly using FireWire and employing DV Control and DV SceneDetect

    2] Indirectly for analogue sources using FireWire and no Scene detect

    3] Via DVD import

    4] Direct file transfer of files NOT Capture for HD using a USB card reader for file transfer

    This last method was NOT a capture but a file transfer, as if I was importing any media files, photos, graphics or audio. Not capturing. Capturing is a process that requires a continuos stream of data. This is why Vegas Capture is optimised for the FireWire 1394 convention.

    What are you doing? My guess is that within the Vegas Capture program if that is what you are using? - Vegas Capture is seeing and telling you it recognises that a "device" has been seen but that same device, this USB device, could not be openned. It is purely a way to relate to you that it has been seen but it will not be openned. Arguably it could have said it has seen the Kangaroo or Hippo or Banana device, but couldn't be openned. Well, of course, it wouldn't! This warning is to alert those that have the assuned/required device, me here with my FireWire-ed devices, that there is a problem. VidCap is doing nothing smarter than this. It is NOT saying that there is an option to capture through SONY capture using USB. Have you ever directly captured a video stream using USB, through SONY video capture? Have you?


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    Err no, but a ton of people have succeeded in that. Just search on YouTube "easy cap sony vegas settings". I doubt people would make those videos, if it wouldnt work on Vegas.

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    You might try plugging into a different USB port. That will make Windows (or Mac I suppose) reinstall the drivers, and it may force Vegas to look at your cam as a new device. It's kind of like in the old days of Windows 98 when we had all those problems of video and sound cards etc. sharing an IRQ and not playing together correctly. A lot of times the answer was as simple as popping the cards out of their PCI slots and changing them around which would effectively change their interrupts and force Windows to reinstall drivers as well.

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    Grazie is right with his comments but your orginal quesiton is not clear.

    I checcked out the you tube as you mention and they seem to use a 3rd party program to capture/ingest and then importinto Vegas, so Vegas has no control of the capture itself. In Vegas USB is to used to import files in general, FW is for DV & HDV ingest (though file transfer with HDDs is also possible)

    Are you using Vidcam and you get the error? or are you useing vegas to capture? if you are using veag then can you tell us how you are doing this, eg filie>import etc..

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