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Thread: Capture mode v.s. import mode

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    Default Capture mode v.s. import mode

    I'm newbie for Video World so please excuse if my question sounds silly
    I am using my Android phone to make a video clip. I am using Corel VideoStudio 2010 for editing and making movie.
    VideoStudio allows me to import that clip but someone told me that I could gain better results in case of capture my clip from phone into Corel VideoStudio (not import) and then editing it ..
    I can't find the option to switch to capture mode in VideoStudio.
    could someone please help with it?

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    It is more than likely that your friend is somewhat confused! (Boy, that "friend" person is just an endless source of trouble.)
    You have digital files recorded on to your device and all you have to do is get them off the device and on to the hard drive.
    You can call this transferring, capturing, importing or you could even call it Barbara if you like... it's all the same as far as your set up goes!

    As long as VS or whatever you are using is not transcoding or converting the files as they come in then you are good to go.

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