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Thread: Man Caught on Secret Cam (interview parody)

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    Default Man Caught on Secret Cam (interview parody)

    This video idea came to me last night and I couldn't sleep because of it (damn these infernal ideas!).

    Anyway, shot and edited it today all by myself. On the whole im really happy with it, the lighting was a little dark and I had to gamma it's ass but its looks ok. Including my signature humour too.

    "I often found that I didn't get much work done during the day and I had no idea why. So I installed a secret camera to monitor myself. The results are quite shocking!"

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    Being hype critical Matt the fade in of the volume right at the beginning meant I had to listen a couple of time to hear what you said. May be you should add half a second to the beginning before you speak. I like the attention to detail you put into this. Your delivery is very good. I wonder how many people think you are actually talking to another person although this was done totally solo, that in my view is a mark of a good actor, they make you believe it's real. I liked the teeshirt, I think I need one of them.

    How did you mount the camera up in the room so high ?

    Well done.

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    Do you know I didn't notice the sound issue at all, I see what you mean. I think i'm already at a point of having done so much pimping, it's not worth re-uploading just for that. But yeah, my bad for not noticing it.

    I have a gopro which I mounted to the top of a light stand. It was literally right in the top corner of the room.

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    A video which raises an important issue: what do we really do with our time?
    I took your advice and installed a secret camera only to discover that I spend far too much time watching your videos.

    Not a massive challenge technically: back to form, script & content-wise.

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    The idea came to me when I was trying to sleep the night before, I had been watching 'caught on tape' videos on youtube before bed. Things like people catching bad nannies on cam when they're at work. The script practically wrote itself!

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