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    Hi there

    I hope this is correct forum for this to be posted on.

    I work for the national sporting body of a minority sport. We soon have upcoming a very large worldwide tournament and we are trying to generate awareness & interest in the wider (sporting) public. I have been asked to look after the promotion of this event by creating a youtube channel which will also feature on our website. (examples of types that we are trying to look like 1. Bath Rugby 2. YouTube - ecbcricket's Channel 3. YouTube - chelseafc's Channel

    Our aims are just to spread the public's knowledge about our upcoming tournament and hopefully raise the profile of our sport within the country. I understand that the above channels are probably made spending quite a lot of money but I am hoping that we are able to produce a low budget version.
    We are obviously a non-profit organisation and have literally no budget of any kind for this so all costs are trying to be kept down to an absolute minimum.

    I have no technological or creative background beyond good standard computer usage and essentially need help on every single thing that I will need to acquire to make this project happen. The type of video we are looking to produce will be interviews, skills, fun viral type videos ( ) and other sport related shorts.

    1. What type of video camera will produce good quality youtube video's (preferably in HD, I was hoping not to spend anymore than something like this... Panasonic SD60 Full HD Camcorder With SD Card: Electronics) would that do the job?

    2. What kind of external microphones can I use with a compact digital video camera

    3. What kind of basic budget lighting is available?

    4. Which free video & audio software (user friendly of course!) would be best?

    5. What accessories may I need? (tripod? memory cards? anything else)

    6. Do you think it would be possible for someone with little experience beyond windows movie maker to produce something watchable on youtube?

    Sorry for all the questions and I greatly appreciate any information that you can give me.

    Many thanks


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    The best advice I can give is to pay a professional to make your films, there is a wide range of production companies that cover a wide range of budgets. If your trying to promote something, they key point is that you make it look good.


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    Hi david

    thanks for the response - unfortunately as we are on an almost non-existent budget (being a poor minority sport!) I can't see that it will be possible to make a series of around 16 shorts (interviews, viral videos, promotional videos) on a budget of less than 1,000 including equipment! What do you think? I am presuming that it wouldn't be possible for a professional to do it for that tiny amount of money considering how much work will be invovled?

    I think my only option will be to use my own time and try to produce it myself so I am looking for advice on what technical and software equipment I will need...

    Any techie experts out there that can help me out?



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    It's certainly seems a lot to do, for even a small production company the equipment wouldn't be the greatest issue. But the following is harder to tell, it could be that the necessary footage for everything you want is possible to get in one day. If not and if it turns out to be on the other end of the scale the travel alone could eat a noticable chunk into your budget, or even surpass it. Sometimes smaller companies can put stuff together at lower costs than some may think, but while post production costs can sometimes be played around with during quieter times, production costs are production costs, and as you obviously already know, no company is going to pay this for you.

    If your going to go ahead and do this youself there's a few bits of advice I can think of that come straight to mind.

    For equipment, forget high definition, even low cost HD camera/formats will cost you more money (and frustrations) than the surface price of the camera.

    Go with a mini DV camera, that records to mini dv tape, and a tripod is a definate. For a camera go second hand and possibly even spend more money on a tripod than a camera, shooting from a stable tripod can actually get you better quality pictures from a low cost camera. Lock off the tripod for every single shot, no pans or zooms whatsoever. Not just to get the best possible quality from your camera, the zoom is traditionally a framing tool. Use it, and your tripod, to set up your shot then record. Assuming your going to be shooting some sporting action, try your best to stick with this if possible, get longer shots (wider zoom setting taking in more action) if possible, or at least only pan slowly to track faster action if you have to get a bit tighter (closer setting) with the zoom set as wide as you can possibly get away with.

    Film making is all about compromise, getting close up sporty action shots is great, but if your not experienced with a camera your shots will show this, and you probably wont know till you get back and watch them over. Editing these type of shots together as an unexperienced editor is also going to stand out more than others. (I'm saying this assuming it is the case as you have asked a related question).

    You also really want an external mic, and a half decent set of head phones to monitor what audio your getting. These are a must, don't ever rely on an on board mic, even onboard mics on cameras costing thousands aren't for that purpose.

    As for lighting, your not going to like this but it's perhaps the most expencive, and almost definately the most knowlege requiered, aspect of production. Your budget may be looking at an on board video light to enhance already existing lighting. But then, and even more so, your going to need to study up of contrast ratios and colour temperatures just to name the most basic of basics.

    Watch (study) some TV, add a bit of variety to the type of stuff you watch, perhaps play closer attention to the type of stuff you are looking to create, and actually count the amount of zooms and pans you see over a decent amount of time, and for what type of content they appear.

    Watch the stuff you linked to on youtube (but moreso on TV) and think about what you are wanting to do. Write it down. Good pre-productiuon work is worth it's weight related to film production, and emulation is often necessary before speculation is possible. For me the longest pieces of the process are in pre-production and later in logging clips (organising footage with names and notes ready to find easily in edit). The production costs/times are lowered dramatically by the time being spent in the cheaper pre-production stages and the editing times are lowered dramatically by the combination of prepared pre-production and organzation.

    Most of all, if you really have no experience of film production, expect to spend a lot of time researching the technical process, and even more studying the creative process. This is something many people do as a hobby/interest while learning, with a lot of trial and error, over time and many others study over years at colleges and universities, and also with a lot of trial and error.

    Going straight into a production, with limited time and a low budget, there is no room for trial and error.

    Assuming you don't work for free. It could be cheaper, and often works out this way, to talk to a local production company about your needs. Then you maybe find that talking to those, who call such shots, within your organisation about uping the budget could be cheaper than the time it would take you to learn how to produce something that the production company could do straight off and a lot better. It would't be the first time, and definately not the last, that an organization such as your self found they ended up doing this in the end and spendng more money in the long run trying to save.

    I'm interested in hearing about how you go about this and how you get on, and (as I'm sure will others) would be happy to offer advice on any queries you may have.

    Good luck.

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    If its only a short time you need a camera for why not hire a camera? might be a bit cheaper.

    Just a thought

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