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Thread: new style camcorders in low light

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    Default new style camcorders in low light

    I have a sony dvd camcorder and was thinking of upgrading to the new hard drive/card type, however, after looking at several different makes and models it has come to my attention that they no longer have a built in light or a hot shoe for a light to sit on, so how do they perform in very low light or in my case sometimes darkness when im night fishing?

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    As far as consumer cams go, I think Canon is king right now when it comes to low-light because they're using 1/2" CMOS chips in many of them, and they've also started using larger lenses in the higher priced units (around $1,000 US dollars). Most come with at least a cold shoe as well which you can always attach a light to that uses its own battery.

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    ok thanks for info will check that out

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