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    Default Which Handheld Camera

    First i would like to say hello , i saw this forum in google.. I browsed it and joined. It seems great!
    I am getting into just editing some basic videos that i do myself. Especially now that i have a child, my wife wants me to film EVERY moment. So i have been looking at getting a handheld HD camcorder, i have checked out a few at best buy.
    What do you guys recommend, remember im not shooting a hollywood movie here, just some family stuff, i want good quality though especially in HD because it looks so much better.

    You guys have any advice on which ones to get? I am not looking to spend alot of money, im lookin more in the price range of a sony flip.. or something like that. I would also like to edit these vids but i will save that for the other post i will put up..

    Thanks so much...
    Happy Holidays and god bless

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    If your budget is only $150 there isn't really anything I could recommend.

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    The "kodak zi8" is cheap and is similar to the Flip range. Neither are suitable for hollywood movies
    Perhaps the greatest advantage of these cheap cameras is that they don't need to be treated carefully and can be left lying around the house (or given to a relative or child to operate). Always ready to be picked up in an instant to record exciting scenes. However; it is worth remembering that whilst these cheap cams do a good job in some circumstances; they tend to produce very poor results in most circumstances. And neither of them have any settings to help make things better.
    Whilst I might drool at other people's equipment, my Kodak and my Flip take nicer pictures than the ghastly images taken on most modern phones.

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    Well put Tim.

    You may find that editing video from these cameras is a bit of a pain on an older PC. I know you said you'd post about software in another thread, but no harm in talking about it here . What's your budget for software, and what PC do you have?

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