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Thread: What's the best way to save a song from an amature video sorce.?

  1. Default What's the best way to save a song from an amature video sorce.?

    What is the best thing to do when you want to use an amatuer song for a video project..? This video I'm working on today is using a song in the background that has no MP3 or file anywhere I can find except the original YouTube video by the composer..? I've checked Itunes and all of the regular stores and would be happy to buy it, but it doesn't exist on any album or CD, it's just a song on a youtube video..?

    I have a patch cord 1/8stereo male to 1/8stereo male that I plug directly into my PC headphone jack to my PC microphone jack, then I make a voice recording of the song, which I did in this video today... But there is a hiss, and lack of sound quality... ? Or maybe it sounds okay, and I'm just too much of a perfectionist..??

    My question is, is there a better way to capture audio from a source like this, when you can't purchase an MP3 or the song commercially..?

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    If you contact the composer and ask permission to use it and ask him/her where you can get it from. If you can't get hold of the composer ask the original up-loader of the YouTube video where they got the music from. That would be the right thing to do.

    Or you could download the YouTube video using a site like THIS and put the mp4 directly into your editing program.

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    I will try those things... Thanks Midnight blue...
    Honestly though, I've tried contacting people via Youtube like that before, with very little success, in fact, Youtube seems like the worst venue for communication between people I've ever used on the internet...
    I try always to purchase the music I use and give full credit to the musicians or group involved.. This one particular pianist does what amounts to a daily journal Youtube video improv song, and there are hundreds of them.. Like contacting other music groups on Youtube, I doubt I'll get any response..
    Thanks for the link, and the advice..

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    Sighs.... Whatever... Sorry to piss you and all the others off here.....

    I don't ever use any peer to peer software to get any music for free, I will never do that, or try to cheat anybody, or any artist out of a song... I buy all I can to support the music I use... But every once in a while, something comes along I cant find, so I try and the best I can to find it...?

    I have a limited time on here each day... I only have time to go to a very few websites each day, and I never saw that homepage or the link to it..? I guess that makes me an idiot like you implied...?

    But ya know, I may be a well meaning idiot who doesn't try hard enough or is thourough enough, or has enough time online to find things sometimes.... But paulears you put everyone off by your mean spirited tone and lack of civility and helpful communication, especially to new members who are just trying to fit in and be helpful and ask questions to what we think are real questions.....

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    I guess this is not a forum for people trying to learn.. Like you said, this is a forum for professionals and business's...


    PS. and don't judge members from what you see them post or not post, and assume they have time to post here but not do things you think they should be doing elsewhere.... By me posting here with limited time instead of doing what you think I should be doing, is, or was credit to this forum which I chose to spend my limited time, but will do no more....

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    Instead of assuming that you're wanting to use this for professional reasons, I'll assume that you want to use it for fun, like most of us here. Unfortunately I've found that the sound quality is the weakest part of YouTube compression and have tried all sorts of cabling and re-recording solutions. Like anything else, it's only as good as the weakest link, so it depends a lot on the soundcard in your computer. The audio out from the computer into a Zoom H2 actually worked quite well.

    The only halfway decent results have been with solutions like that suggested by Midnight, using software to rip the video and then post it directly into the editing software.

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    I'm a musician, and like most musicians with a YT channel and/or a website, I'm more than happy when people use my music in their video projects as long as they give the name of the tune, the composer/arranger/recording artist(s) (at least one of which will be me) and a link to either one of my sites or to a place on the net where the tune can be purchased. It's good, free advertising.

    That link Blue left hasn't been working correctly ever since YT changed the way they post their videos (they made it much harder to simply download them now). The easiest thing to do is just what you did--record through your soundcard. Using the headphone out will give you the wrong impedance though. Better to use a line-out. You can often just run a cord from the line-out jack to the card's line-in jack to record. If you have a Soundblaster card, just use the function called "record what you hear". Realtec (a popular card that's often built-in to a lot of MOBOs) has a similar function, although I can't recall what it's called.

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    You might not use p-p software but you're telling everyone that you want to steal this guys music

    He clearly wants to use the music and not steal it.
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    Sorry for being snooty and abrupt in that last post Paul (which I have now removed). You have every right to your opinion. I just think situations like these are handled best by flagging a post you think is inappropriate so the moderators can take care of them. Having said that, I'm sure some day you'll catch me out being opinionated on something when no one has asked me for it as well. We all have our pet peeves that set us off now and then. I hope the original poster will stick around, and we all can forget the whole thing and just get on with having fun making movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swoopie View Post
    flagging a post you think is inappropriate so the moderators can take care of them.
    You forget this is a .uk forum, Swoopie, where we still hold freedom of speech dear to our hearts. Aside from stuff which may be overly offensive to children or is likely to break laws, incite riot, violence or other acts of a crimnal nature and, of course, spam, the mods and site admin take a pretty much "hands off" approach.

    And this approach seems to work. Posters tend to be self policing (as you have yourself) and the really obnoxious types who either try to be offensive or to start flame wars get so little attention, they generally give up and go away.

    That's not to say the mods are not willing to step in, but mostly it's a case of people letting off steam and people sort out their issues between themselves.

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