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    THE LOWRIDER and the LOWRIDER MINI are versatile, lightweight and portable supports for cameras ranging from featherweight to heavy duty. The LowRider can act as a super-adjustable ultra-low shot platform but it can also quickly switch to a tabletop or ladder position. You can place it on the nearest rock ledge for a dramatic landscape shot or rig it with the included kit to your 1956 T-Bird* for the ultimate low-riding car shot. The LowRider is so lightweight you can take it up the mountain on your next high elevation shoot and get that impossible shot you've been looking for.
    More information:
    影*結ㄚ~專門店,專營各類HDMI線,HDMI switch,HDMI splitter,線材批發,影*粟嬪驉A投影機線材,網絡線材 及配件


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    Interesting, look's like a good bit of kit, although websites with Chinese writing always make me nervous! :=)

    Video Production Services Company UK London

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