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Thread: Irish Rallying 2010

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    Default Irish Rallying 2010

    Collection of footage taken during the year

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    It's cool...! This is my fav kind of racing...
    It seems kind of stretched tall, is that an effect..? It's good..
    Nice to watch..!

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    no the only effect I used was slow motion. When I exported it from final cut pro it got a bit grainy and distorted. Don't know if thats what your referring to!! I'm still trying to get used to final cut pro!!!!

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    A nice collection of clips cut well to the music. Theres not much else to say about the content as there is no story or narrative (but then there wasn't supposed to be).
    The footage didn't look stretched to me, it just looks like 4:3 video displayed in a 16:9 frame. But yes the quality of the export is quite poor, its looks like a really bad avi codec. Try exporting to H264 using quicktime conversion, this will export to a .mov and should retain the quality of the source footage.

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    good video!

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    I like the video, however when I go and watch rallying, in fact I got 1000+ pictures at the WRC in Wales in November which was nice, however I love to hear the cars and the spitting exhausts. I think a video should make you feel like you're there. Maybe have the music fade out when the car goes past, or fade to a low level when the car goes past.

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