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Thread: Stopping people downloading your online content ?

  1. Default Stopping people downloading your online content ?

    Not sure where was best for this, so i put it in the off topic so its not in the wrong place....

    Is there anything like Youtube that you can upload to that is more secure from people downloading the videos ?

    Basically i have been putting the TV shows on there so people without the channel can still watch, now im not bothered about people downloading them as such, i know people with record them off the TV or SKY + etc, but what ive noticed a lot of is people downloading them, using the footage and putting it to music or whatever and uploading it again, which really p*sses me off, i hate people who do that on youtube and take credit for it.

    I know theres proper 'online TV' things you can do, but i want to avoid spending on it as then it means charging for it, which i dont want to do, so i am looking at the free options first.

    Obviously i suspect all other sites will be the same, but worth asking if theres anything more secure, if not then i was thinking of building some kind of screen that the video plays inside on youtube ( like a picture in picture effect ) so that anyone downloading it would have the extra effort of cropping it etc and would end up with sh*t quality, but obviously i would still rather have the full screen if possible

    so anyone sugest anything ? or am i just p*ssing in the wind !

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    If you don't mind "limiting" your audience, you'll automatically limit the number of people "ripping off" your videos. By putting your videos on YouTube, you open your videos up to a community that feels any video in the public domain is theirs to use (even to the extent of claiming copyright after editing). Vimeo is more of a community of video makers I recommend you try that. You'll get less views, but you'll get views from people that are more likely to respect your videos.

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    Thanks for that

    I have looked at the info on youtube, and it is more people who follow the links to the videos than stubble across them, so i guess its not going to limit the audience by much more than now, so if its more of a respectful outlet then definatly worth a try i guess


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    Marc is bang on the money. YouTubers rip, steal, use and claim as a matter of course. Vimeo is a better choice, but if it's on the net it's there to be had. Unless you watermark web content you'll almost certainly see it elsewhere. Personally, with your stuff I would - it gets TV exposure and you could easily logo the web stuff or add a very faint watermark of somekind to help restrict the casual thief.

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    but if it's on the net it's there to be had

    True; it's not difficult to use a program that records the screen or any portion of it you like.

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