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    Hi all, I joined this forum because I'm desperately trying to understand some things which I've found some contradictory information on.

    I just got a new PC (Intel i7 quad core, 8GB Ram, ATI 5770 video card with 1GB Ram).
    I have a Canon HV30 (tape based HDV).
    I have Pinnacle and Vegas available to me so far.

    I am just about to start my first editing project but want to know some things.

    Which programs will make use of my GPU for rendering the final video? It seems I should have a NVIDIA with CUDA capability in order to get the best rendering times but since I have the ATI I want to know which program would be best. I read that Vegas does not use the GPU at all, however when I rendered a few minutes of video I watched my CPU and Memory usage and they weren't even reaching 30%. So it seems to me Vegas must be using the video card to do the render otherwise my CPU should have be racing along to get me the best time.

    I was rendering to blu-ray template and saving to the harddrive.

    Hopefully someone has the knowledge to clear things up here so I choose the best program for the job. So far I like Sony Vegas but haven't really explored Pinnacle in depth. The editing process seems to go very smoothly since no recompression is required for the HDV.


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    I can't promise to fully answer your question. I do think your right that Vegas does not use the Graphics card when rendering but I don't think any program does. It's during editing and previews that some programs use the power of the GPU with CUDA type cards. One reason Vegas was not using the CPU fully could be because of priority settings in windows. Just a thought.

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    Thanks for the reply. Good suggestion. I'll see if I can change the priority setting for the CPU. Perhaps there's some settings in Vegas as well.


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    Any non-linear editing system worth its salt, will use your boot drive or whatever drive you tell it to use to render your final output, as Midnight Blue said the graphics card is used to give you better instant results as you edit, so for instance when you add an effect or transition. The better the graphics card, coupled with the more memory you have will mean that the program needs to do less on the fly rendering.

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