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Thread: Removing a thumb from my film (HELP!)

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    Default Removing a thumb from my film (HELP!)


    I'm making an advert for a school project and I have the video but when I was recording it my thumb was in the way for the first 5 seconds and i need to remove the thumb from it. Please Help.

    Also any other cool affects for an advert?

    I am also am willing to buy software,Thanks.

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    Hi, I'm having difficulty printscreening it because when I printscreen it it comes out black/blank.

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    I think you are not into harder operation as "masking it out and replacing it with 'repaired' material". What I think you should do? Simple crop it. Just cut off a bit, just enough for your finger to disappear. It will take you 2-3 minutes or something like that, and because it's for school I don't think they have very high expectations from the video.

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    I would just zoom in to a part of the video away from the thumb for that five seconds. You'll lose a little definition, but it won't be very noticable for such a short period.

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    OK that sounds good and how do you do that?

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    It depends on your editing program (NLE). Some of the cheaper ones can't do it at all. But it's basically a combination of zooming and panning. Once you're zoomed in, you can pan to any part of the video frame. For instance, here's a guitar video I made a couple of years ago with an old version of Premiere. Nearly the whole thing was shot with the cam in one position on the tripod, and then zooming and panning around within the frame to create movement instead of actually moving the cam around or using it to zoom. You use key-frames to tell the pan effect where to move and when to stop. Sometimes it's easier to cut the movie into several sections to separate those that will have the zoom/pan effect from those that don't. This was done in standard definition. With hi-def you wouldn't have much quality loss at all.

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    "if he crops, then what he shot is going to look a bit odd."

    With just cropping it might. That's why I zoom and pan. The two together look more like a natural camera move that you meant to do on purpose. For example, let's say you shot video of a guy where he took up nearly the whole frame from head to toe and had a thumb over or near his face. If you just zoomed (which effectively crops) and stay focussed on his knees or something for fifteen seconds, that would look kind of silly. But if you zoomed in around his knees and panned upward slowly for fifteen seconds until the thumb was gone and then went to his face, then zoomed out to full frame, that would look like it was done for artistic reasons.

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