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Thread: Making a YouTube look like an old 8mm home movie

  1. Default Making a YouTube look like an old 8mm home movie

    I created this video this week in an attempt to make a YouTube video look and feel like one those old, shaky, out of focus, over exposed, 8mm home movies we used to watch back in the 60's.. I realize I kind of took it to extreme, but it was fun experimenting and trying to keep it authentic looking.. I tried to add a couple glitches in the sound as well and a slight hiss, without making it too hard to watch and listen to..? The images are 1960ish with a peace/hippie theme, and the music is an English folk group that uses a lot of old classic instruments...

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    I found it very interesting as I am currently (today) attempting a similar thing.
    I am curious about the juddering effect. What is the physical reason why old style projectors did this? Is it when the shutter movement temporarily goes out of sync with the frame?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimAndrews View Post
    Is it when the shutter movement temporarily goes out of sync with the frame?
    I believe so. Particularly with much older cameras which were hand-cranked.
    I've recently completed working on a film (which will appear here in a few months: watch this space) sort of set in 1920s. It's about a guy who's given a movie camera for his birthday. I make the following observations: some of which are based on looking at lots of old clips on YouTube. These are general observations not all of which are applicable here.

    1. Old film is not sepia. I guess this is something which happens in the photographic process.
    2. Old film is not as noisey as plug-in defaults like to think.
    3. Lose all the detail in the shadows and in the highlights.
    4. Judder and flicker: yes they had quite. If you are using a bit of "aged" footage within a non-aged film, this is fine. However, this is very quickly wearing and distracting, so if you are making a film of a few minutes length, all of which is aged, pull right back on the amount of both of these. This is far too annoying in the film above.

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    There is far to much juddering and the image quality does not have to be that bad. You have also used a modern fade transition which is out of context with what you wanted to achieve. Also the aspect ratio is wrong for 8mm footage.

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    I agree with you Midnight Blue...! I just didn't have the settings to adjust to get the effects to where I wanted them exactly.. If I had of used the "lite old movie" effect, which I tried, it just looked like modern digital pics with a few lines through them and a slight inconsistancy here and there, and it just looked fake... I figured it was best to leave some of the images to the imagination, and keep people guessing....
    Thanks Tim & Tim & midnight blue..
    Very much appreciated critique

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    The way around that is to put the mild affect on it and then add another affect like extra contrast etc. It's not always a one hit thing.

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    It's intresting. But I think the image is too bad even for that times. Anyways keep up the good work, it's as i said intresting. Maybe you could combine the original movie with your movie. So the difference will be shown to the viewer.

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    Thanks for the comments..! I'll try those things, and keep it all in mind..!! ))

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    Far, far too much judder. Its given me a headache. Would have been nice to get some coulour in there, as I think that can age 8mm film too.

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