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Thread: What are the best laptops I can purchase for video editing?

  1. Default What are the best laptops I can purchase for video editing?

    I know that some companies make laptops specifically for video editing, since the software like Sony Vegas can require a lot of memory. I need something powerful, that has very fast speed all around and can smoothly run intense programs like Vegas.

    What are the best laptops to purchase for this purpose and why?


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    This has been my pet project for the last three months: finding a laptop (that doesn't cost the earth) that will provides the kind of oomph required for video editing.

    You'll want an i7 processor, 64 bit windows, and the most RAM you can realistically afford. Take a look at my blog for more details.

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    You want best? Check out Sager (Clevo). If you want cheap, lightweight or sexy-looking, don't check out Sager

    Sager laptops have multiple internal hard drives, fast processors, excellent firewire and customizable hardware (number of internal drives (up to 3), type of drives (standard or solid state), CPU, RAM, etc).
    The build is incredible on these laptops. Distributors are in USA and Europe. The reseller I bought from preconfigured my fave software (Vegas, After Effects) before shipping to make sure it ran properly. I would assume at least some of the other resellers offer something similar.

    I use Vegas on my Sager primarily for multi-track on-location live recording... doesn't matter how many channels I throw at it, haven't lost anything yet.
    Ed Troxel (JETDV, Excalibur, on a lot of Vegas forums) has edited using Sager laptops for years... might wanna ask him his experiences.

    You didn't indicate where you live but if you check this list you should find a reseller nearby...
    Clevo Guide v2.0 - FAQ and Reseller Info ****READ BEFORE POSTING****
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    For standard def, any good dual core based CPU with at least 2.5Ghz speed and 4Gb of RAM and a 7200rpm HDD will do anything you need.

    High def is a different matter. HD material really needs a fast quad core system (3.2Ghz or better) with 8Gb or RAM to run without any hitches, and even then Vegas will hickup. But the problem with laptops is keeping them cool. You seldom see any quad core laptops for sale in stores for this reason. People bring them back left and right. Asus makes some of the best, but you'll have to order them online from Newegg or Tiger etc. But lots-o-luck keeping them cool enough not to shutdown in the middle of editing. Part of that depends on how much you've got going on though.
    Edited to say that while that last paragraph relates to AVCHD files, you can easily get away with a dual core system if you're editing HDV files, especially if you use an intermediary codec.
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