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Thread: Unboxing videos on youtube

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    Default Unboxing videos on youtube

    Why ?

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    I think it's for a couple of reasons. Some people like unboxing/unwrapping things: there's a sense of excitement or anticipation and they like to share that with others - erm maybe?
    It does serve a useful purpose in that it can help you know what to expect in the box. I have to admit to having watched the odd one for precisely that reason as descriptions in adverts are occasionally deceptive.

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    I have also watched a few of these to see if the hype fits up to the reality with products I'm interested in purchasing. My dad once bought a gas lighter but instead of having something to light his cigarettes it was an implement to light gas rings on a stove.
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    sorry, i think they're a bit sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    sorry, i think they're a bit sad.
    Well that's true.

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    I can't stand new things, especially technology where there's always a steep learning curve. Unwrapping new gear makes me think of the hours I'm going to have to spend completely mastering the thing's potential. Mixed feelings about those you tube clips, on the one hand it's great someone's so excited about their purchase that they actually film the opening process, on the other it just seems like showing off.

    I've had to return too many hi-tech products to cheer until the thing is up and working.

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