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Thread: How do I improve the quality of this?

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    Default How do I improve the quality of this?

    I shot this music video with a sony v1 on HD, it was edited with sony vegas movie studio platinum. I uploaded it using the settings suggested by the sony website - its awful quality! What do I do? Thanks in advance

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    YouTube inevitably affects the quality to a degree. What settings did you render out at? My advice would be to follow YouTubes advice on upload settings rather than Sony. I notice for instance there's no option to watch in higher quality....
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    One reason is that you didn't render it in HD. I would think that rendering it in HD would be especial to keep the HD quality. I don't know if you shot in 720 or 1080 which ever it was render it out the same. I would use the main concept mpeg format with the HDV 1080 25p template, if you have that in your version od Vegas. This will help preserve the quality BUT like Andy said you will loose some quality from YouTube.

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