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Thread: Grainy Picture (HDR-XR200VE)

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    Default Grainy Picture (HDR-XR200VE)

    Hi folks

    Bought myself a Sony HDR-XR200VE, on the hole, it seems like a good camcorder, just wondering if anyone can help me, I have recorded a few short videos, just to get the feel of the camcorder, when I play them back on the PC, they appear to be quite grainy even in good light.

    Has anyone came across this before, or know of a way to eliminate this?

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    This problem is usually a issue with poor light but you say it happens in good light. Therefore it must be camera settings. If you can upload a short sample we could look at it. We will also need to know your camera settings.

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    Currently uploading a clip on this link --> Index of /vid/ all settings are auto as I only got the camera today.

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    Thanks for posting the clip. It looks like you are not recording in HD mode. There are a number of settings that your camera can shoot in HD, HQ, SD. Can you confirm you were shooting in the full HD mode for this clip. Watch out for the LP or Long Play mode this reduces the bit rate and thus the image quality. Also when the camera is in auto mode it tries to get what it thinks is the best picture, this sometimes involves turning up the gain which can make the image look grainy. So it looks from this clip the grain is from poor light.

    I don't know if that helps at all.

    Have a look at it was shot by the same type of camera, although the camera work is not great, it shows a nice image can be gotten from this camera.

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    Yeah was shooting in full HD mode on that video, I know low light can cause some problems as the camera has to work harder to get some sort of light into it's sensor, just not to sure what is causing it.

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