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Thread: Using PSD in vegas

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    Default Using PSD in vegas

    Although this is probably simple to most, I'm struggling to find the solution in the limited time I have left to complete a vegas project.
    I want to incorporate some stills that have been enhanced in photoshop. Vegas recognises the PSD format so no problem. Is there any benefit in using the PSD, or is it better to output from photoshop in JPEG?

    The other problem is that the stills have been enhanced in Camera Raw. This is non destructive, so when I copy and save from Carmera Raw into another folder, I only get the original still without the enhancements. I have to take it into Photoshop, and save from there. I have to do this singly as I can't find a way of saving multiple images in photoshop to a separate file. When I open a few at a time in Photoshop, they appear as tabs and can't find a way to save all opened images. This is quite laborious, and I'm sure there must be a simpler way, I just can't find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The only parameters that I consider on formats, stills, video or even audio are these:

    1] Can I edit within Vegas and get a workable framerate

    2] Allow my final delivery format dictate the level of resolution I require.

    I can't see any other parameters I need to consider? But I'm always willing to learn.

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