Our latest Critics Choice selections have been made by the respected FutureMovies review site. Watch them for free, then download for keeps in seven formats including NTSC DVD to watch on everything from the latest mobile phones to HDTV.

FOLDED - Excellent camerawork and direction make this dialogue-free film about marital infidelity a must-see - but which is the wife and which the mistress?
TO SHOOT A RURF - Set in a gloomy backroom bar and the protagonist’s dingy flat, this accomplished animation creates a sinister atmosphere with its clever use of lighting and colour. A film for anyone who has ever regretted that last drink.
OASIS TERMINAL - Ambitious post-nuclear sci-fi adventure with high production values and impressive use of industrial locations, reminiscent of the Terminator series.
FRENCH FOR FOREIGNERS - Powerful drama dealing with the tricky subject of religious freedom in modern secular states. The story is told through the eyes of two French female Islamic students.

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