Hi guys,
We've just launched a product that I believe could help quiet a lot of people in production… It's a little different from stock footage as it the shots are basically meant to go together… Like a kit. The idea is to make a little research, add a narrator or host to make a full length TV series with shots from around the world.

Here are the big lines:
10 hours of broadcast quality HD 1080i footage
Shot in exotic places (Antillas, French Polynesia, France, Holland…)
Not random shots… They are actually meant to go together (if that's what you want!)
100% Royalty Free and fully customizable.
Equivalent to 40,000$ worth of stock footage or 1.2M$ in production fees.
Priced to sell, the introduction price is 1399$US for the first month…
Delivered on a 1TB LaCie triple interface Hard Drive.

There are some video examples on the website: www.producersmagicbox.com

If you could tell me what you think about it, it'd be very helpful!

Thanks a bunch!