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Thread: November - December 2010: The Innocence of War: Short WW2 Film

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    Default November - December 2010: The Innocence of War: Short WW2 Film

    Now then fellas

    Here is a WW2 film I made in January. It went round the festival circuit and for our first ever festival experience it did well and got viewed all over the world.

    Let me know what you think


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    Haven't we see this before. ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Haven't we see this before. ?
    And commented on it!

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    Apologises boyos.

    I've only just uploaded to youtube as public so thought I'd promo it a little.

    Sorry to those who've already seen it. Others pleases feedback

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    Nice idea. Well executed.

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    Loved it + deserves more views

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    Hi I want to say that is a very good piece. Never seen a wooden gun shoot before but nether the less it was excellent I like the concussion effect after the shell shock.. Very good. Now you will have to make the full size version..

    Aay I ask how did you edit the piece? Is it with FCP? I am after the secret of getting a good war movie colour in FCP .. any hints??
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    Yeah it's wooden, well spotted. If I had access to a real one I would have definitely used it.

    I edited this film using Adobe Premiere Pro and graded in After Effects.

    I simply boosted the contrast, crushed the blacks and desaturated the image. My inspiration was Band of Brothers.

    I have recently acquired FCP and love it but haven't used colour just yet so can't help sorry.

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    Hey man!

    Great video, never seen it before! great job on the FX and like the Color Co. keep it up. You have a channel on YouTube?


    check back on YouTube - FipsEntertainment's Channel

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