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    Im looking at recording some footage inside a nightclub with my DCR-HC14E I have had the camera for sometime now and still relatively new to filming, im wondering if i can improve the quality by adding a different lens or filter to the camera, i have recorded in a club before and the footage is ok but nothing special but im looking to try and improve on the sharpness and colour etc, can anyone recommend anything other than buying a new camera? The camera has numerous settings for scenes like sunset; sports etc and I have always just left it on auto, would adding a hood have any effect for the quality at the edge of the footage?

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    Adding a hood is to stop light ie sun light hitting the lens is you are shooting indoors this may not be a problem unless there are lots of wizzing lights in the club. The way I would recommend improving your videos is to learn how to use the manual settings on your camera, practice, practice, practice. After market lens can be fun but unless you can shoot in manual mode they will look worse than your standard lens. The auto funtions may not work properly. The other advice I will say is use a tripod or something to give you steady shots.

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