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Thread: Editing animation

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    Default Editing animation

    I've been using Sonic Foundry (now Sony) Vegas 4.0 to edit some of my stop-motion animation stuff together. My favourite so far has to be this one - the title sequence is all done in Vegas with five still images.

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    Did you forget to provide a link?
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    Ah, that would be me trying to be clever and doing it inline. I didn't realise you had link text set to be the same colour as regular text.

    The link to the webpage is - the film is available in DivX, RM and QT format, so something for everyone... (10MB) (8MB) (17MB for some reason)

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    This is really professional looking. The intro and outro is neat, the effects of fades in and out and then "flare" to white is good too. It shows (ever so slightly) that there's a circular mask in the middle of the picture because that doesn't react to the light in the vortex effect but that's a very minor detail.

    The content of the actual stop motion animation is good fun too, the lego set is really nice, and I liked that the background character (slightly out of focus) did move around too.

    The outro is good too. Can you let us know a bit more about how you acheived some of those effects?

    I like the rest of your site too. Attention to detail is something that will make you stand out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruey
    The outro is good too. Can you let us know a bit more about how you acheived some of those effects?
    Thanks for the comments.

    The titles were done after a few hours of trial and error. As I said, they were all done in Vegas using still pictures. I'm not too familiar with other editing software, so I don't know how common some of the following features will be...

    You can have a closer look at the source pictures here:

    The blue swirl was the bottom-most track. I scaled the picture so that it could rotate 360 degrees without exposing its border, then set the Event Pan/Crop settings to rotate the picture over the course of 30 seconds.

    The brown swirl was the track above. I scaled it as for the blue swirl, then set it rotating in the other direction, but about 1.5 times as fast. I set the Compositing mode to Dodge (or Burn - I don't recall) to get the strange lighting effect.

    With that in place I used the Mirror event effect to reflect the left half of the vortex onto the right half of the frame. All that gave me the swirling vortex.

    For the rest, I just used another track and faded the pictures of the logo and the Doctor in and out. A combination of Vegas transition effects and event effects provided the light flares, glows, etc.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Sorry Buxton, I'm a victim of my own bad site design

    Fantastic video. The old British sense of humour, you can't beat it!

    I'm off to your site to find more
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    I downloaded all 3 versions. I tried watching them all in Quicktime, Real Player and windows media player. None worked!! All I got was video.

    Is it a regional thing? I'm in the US. I'd really like to see it. Let me know if their is something I'm missing. (i'm on my neighbor's computer right now and it's rather crappy....I'll have to try again on my computer, but I don't think that is the problem)

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    If you're getting audio but no video, make sure your software is up-to-date. For the DivX file, go to and look for the link that says "Standard DivX Codec (FREE)" at the bottom of the table full of stuff you have to pay for. For QT and RM, you need to download the latest versions of the players.

    If you're a Ween fan, as your name suggests, you may also be interested in

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    Alright...a fellow Ween fan!

    (I got the Doctor Who clip to to work on my computer. It is great)

    I also saw the Ween "cheese" video. Very cute. I actually heard that song on some months ago. Have you ever seen the lego music video for "The Mollusk"? I'm betting you have.

    There is a really great Ween forum that you can get to from They talk about all sorts of wild stuff on there. Also, you can watch all of the Ween videos on the WeenTV channel on "Winamp." (I get the feeling that you already know about this stuff) Let me know.

    By the way, if you are already a member of the ezboards Ween forum, my name on there is Lambertvillain (because I used to live in Lambertville which is "Gene & Dean Ween's" home town.

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    Default I like it

    About 5 years ago I use to love animation. I spent hours and hours making plasterceine models and moving them & all I had was a tiny webcam and some cool software. I made stunning vids similare to this. I regret to say that I stopped doing it because it was time consuming. I started to get interested in video edditing just recently but hmmm I could go back to animation after seeing such a wounderful animation like yours. It was realy good and it made me laugh!

    Keep up the good work


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