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Thread: ques... 32bit files on 64 bit system, vis versa...

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    Question ques... 32bit files on 64 bit system, vis versa...

    I am thinking to upgrade to 64bit OS, but I have many 32bit files from after effects, illustrator, photoshop, etc... I know the diff between 32bit and 64bit OS, and how 64bit OS can't use 32bit software, but how about files?

    If I have"files" that are saved from 32bit software, can it be read/edittable/etc (I have full editting/saving compatibility) on 64bit OS. To give examples:

    doc/docx, ppt/pptx files saved from 32bit software can be read/edit/etc/ on 64bit OS? vis versa: doc/docx, ppt/pptx and so on file saved from 64bit software can be read/edit/etc/ on 32bit OS?

    How about files like ai, psd, flv, and other adobe extension saved from 32bit adobe software be read/editted/etc on 64bit OS? vis versa?

    just don't want to lose anything you know.

    any comments will be appreciated. thanks.

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    All your documents, pics, video etc. will be fine on a 64bit set up. Even some of the 32 bit programs will work on your 64 bit system but not in 64bit mode.

    I moved from XP 32bit to W7 64bit I have some old programs that I'm really use to so wanted to load them some of them needed the compatibility mode which worked but some just wouldn't. The other thing to look out for is drivers for things like printers, scanners, if it's getting on a bit you may need to upgrade as there wont be a 64bit driver that works BUT you may be ok if they are relatively new.
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    I just upgraded to 64 bit a couple of weeks ago, and my experience echoes that of Mr.Blue here almost exactly. Some of your programs written for 32 bit will work fine even in 64 bit mode. Others will work in XP Mode (you have to right-click on them and choose to run as administrator), and some others won't work at all unless you have the Professional version of Windows 7 which will let you download a free utitlity called "Virtual PC" that will basically make your hard drive act like it's partitioned with one of the partitions running XP 32 so your old programs will still run on it.

    My scanner is old and the drivers refuse to intall. My old version of Premiere 6.5 won't install either. I could do the Virtual PC thing, but I'm not going to bother since I'm going HD now so I need a newer NLE anyway, and new scanners are cheap. Other than those two things, everything else I have still works fine. Well, actually I did have problems with Word 2000; however, I reverted to Word 97 which I still had lying around, and would you believe it... the older version runs like a champ on the new 64 bit machine. Sometimes you just never know.
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    wow interesting. I'll mostlikely get a Win7 Professional since it might be a better choice overall with the Virtual PC thing. Would you mind telling me what software didn't work?

    I mostly use Microsfot Office 2007 and Adobe CS4 Products. Other softwares, I'm sure I can find some type of replacement. hmm... it makes me wonder if I can use softwares that came with my MP3 player to transfer music to it... but it shouldn't cause problem if I use the Virtual PC thing right? I have several other things like camera with dock to transfer pic, etc. Another question I have is if I use Virtual PC, I cna install 32bit drivers (like driver for my camera dock, driver for mp3 player, or any other driver for other portable player that hooks up to the computer, and will work fine?

    Just wanted to check since I'm guesing you might have Win7 Home edition (sorry if I'm wrong). To Swoopie, tha'ts crazy Word 97 is still out there lol. but good thing you kept it.

    I guess many things are buy and try (buy win7 64bit pro, try installing software).

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    I had some very old audio manipulation programs for example transferring midi into wave files and graphics programs that I couldn't get to work but didn't when I say old I mean REALLY old. I also have a TV PCI card that won't work on the W7 64bit system and they aren't doing a new driver for it. I haven't use the virtual PC option but I would recommend looking for updated drivers on newish equipment.

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    ahhh icic. I'll try to look out for these too then! Thanks again for the suggestions and comments!

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