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Thread: SLR vs Prosumer Camcorder

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    Default SLR vs Prosumer Camcorder

    I am in highschool looking for a new camera that will last me through college. I mostly film action sports, More spacifically Snowboarding/skiing and Skateboarding, and need a camera to suit that.

    I have heard a lot about people filming with Cameras like the Canon 7D and other SLR's instead of what I was originally looking at which was the Sony FX-7.

    Does anybody know what i sould get? i mean i have filmed with my D5000 (for fun) and it doesn't look to bad, and all the lens flexibility i have is nice, but there is no good video auto focus and no OIS.

    So what do you think, Canon 7D? FX-7? or some other SLR or Camcorder?


    Edit: I have a flexible Budget of $2000.
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    I'm in the same situation. I'm leaning towards the Sony NEX-5 for a number of reasons, cost being one of them. If I had $2000 I would be giving the NEX-VG10 a real hard look. Heck I already am and I don't have 2k to spend.

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    A DSLR is not ideal for your needs.

    You need something which can focus quickly on a moving object, preferably with a large depth of field. Small enough to get into awkward places and be carried on snowboards and skateboards. The ability to have fish-eye lenses which won't break the bank and, most importantly, won't need a lot of mucking about during shooting.
    In other words, the ideal tool for you would be a small camcorder.

    It doesn't have the kudos of a DSLR but, in your case, it's the right tool for the job.

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    Thanks for that.

    Yea I am probably looking into a full camcorder.

    Is a FX-7 a good choice for the 2K range?

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