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    Default Vegas Preview Window Lacks Contrast

    I thought I'd start a new thread for this since we got off on a tangent with a different thread that was to be about something else.

    I've noticed that the preview window in Vegas has a bit less contrast compared to the preview windows in other NLEs and when viewing in Windows Media Player as well. In the following photo the picture on top was captured (using Photo Impact caturing) from Vegas while the one below it was captured from the preview in Magix Movie Edit Pro. I would say MEPro looks the same as the video when being played in Windows Media Player. The Vegas preview window simply does not have enough contrast in it (and lacks detail as well, and yes its in Best/Full mode).
    After googling the matter I found many other posters on the internet are saying the same thing. And this is with versions of Vegas going back a few years (I have the latest), so apparently the developers of Vegas must know about the problem by now. Why haven't they corrected it? And more importantly, who do I yell at?!

    Really, I can change the contrast on my video card every time I open Vegas and change it back afterwards, but what a pain. You'd think they'd have a fix for this by now.
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