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Thread: Text too soft above video layer

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    Default Text too soft above video layer

    So my problem is that i have a video layer and a text layer. For the text layer i have 2 effects: chroma keyer so I can see the video and a light ray effect. For some reasons i cant see the text when something light colored is below it. So when the video is black below it i can see it magnificently but when it is white below it i cant see nothing. And other times its just too soft. How can I make the text "rougher"?

    I'm useing vegas Pro 9.0

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    I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what you are trying to do wna what your problem is. Can you post a sample image?

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    Why do you need the croma key just use a text with a transparent backgound. You could put and edge around the text or may be a shadow.

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