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    Well here we go again!
    I started this video last week end and finished it this week end.
    I am rather happy with the different shots, HOWEVER! there are sooooohhh many little problems such as... remote/computer/boom pole/microphone in the shot... lol... well I wasn't gona shoot again the whole thing, so I just finished it with these little problems. so I'd love to hear you guys opinion.

    it is a spoof about Photo Booth on mac's

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    I hope you find an audience, I see a lot of potential in your work. You are very natural in front of the camera and deliver your lines well. Ok ego stroking over.

    I'll leave out the stuff you already know was wrong with it. (mic in shot etc).

    Lighting: On the long shots you are well lit but there is a big shadow on the back wall. I guess this is down to the type of lights you are using. I'm sure you are on a budget, like the rest of us so you need to be a little creative with the way you use them. If you have some lamps that could create spot lighting behind you. This does not have to be very bright, just enough to shine on the back wall to reduce the shadow. If your main lights have dimmers you could try dimming them You could try moving them back or even turning them round so the light reflects off the wall. This should reduce the strength of the shadow and enable you to open the iris a little to get a shallower depth of field. ie the back ground out of focus. I would recommend something to diffuse the light. This is what I have done in the past. I have used work lights, not great but very cheap. The light is very harsh. Using DAMP wooden pegs, clip baking parchment to the front of the light. OR you could get your self a nice lighting kit and light the scene properly depending on your budget.

    PLEASE NOTE THESE SAFETY TIPS: Work lights run very hot so use baking parchment (designed to go in an oven) and not just normal paper. Make sure your wooden pegs are damp or they will begin to burn. Yes, I have set fire to wooden pegs on work lights ! Metal spring clips would be better. Turn the lights off when not in use. Let things cool down before touching them.

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    thanks for your compliment and your tips.
    yea lighting has always been a little issue. I actualy use work lights with oven paper haha... 2x500 watts. there was one on front right and one back left, and some very low power lights all around.(no natural light) but that shadow really seams to follow me with whatever I do some previous videos were exactly the same. it is hard to get wride of it. it is a tough place to light up.
    well maybe one day when I'll get an audience and make money of it, a good set of lights will be a good investment.

    thanks again

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    Have you tried raising them so they are pointing down a bit. Also use one of the big lights to illuminate the background. I would be interesting for you to do some testing to see what works best.

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    I use simple halogen work lights too. I have one tripod with a pair of 500 watt lights, and then I have to separate clip-on lights--one is 250 watts and the other 150. What you need to eliminate the shadows is an overhead light (like a ceiling light) that's diffused (sometimes just pointing it up at the ceiling works).

    I also noticed quite a bit of echo from the room on the microphone. You might have been better off to have used a carpeted room. It sounded like you were on a tile floor.

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    well for the light I will try to get rid of that shadow, I would need at least an extra light though. so I dunno if that will be fixed in the next video. unforuntatly these work light don't really get high enough and they don't bend forward, so I'll have to look around. it is really frustrating because it seams in america or england you guys have EVERYTHING! even just looking at the local amazon or ebay... but I'll sort it out

    and yes Swoopie, it is indeed a tile floor, however I have done a lot of research in my appartment and it is the only place where I can film these type of video's lol... but this is a very intresting thing. didn't really think about it. a carpet floor will be in my mind when I'll be looking for a place

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    You can find those work lights in any hardware store. They look like this if you get them with a tripod mount:


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    no I have these ones. I meant the clip-on lights sorry

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    My mistake. But if you look at that tripod in the photo, you'll see there are also two clip-on lights further down on the stand. You can find those at any hardware store too. I'd be suprised if you couldn't find them in your part of the world because they're a fairly standard item to find at the store.

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    ow ok! well I'll be looking out
    there should be something the same.

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