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Thread: Swap videos on timeline

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    Question Swap videos on timeline

    Hi guys!

    Let's say I have a timeline looking like this:

    [--] [---] [-] [---A---] [--] [----B----] [--]

    What's between patanthesis are cut scenes. I want for A to change places with B, without draging them out of that video channel and rearranging them that way because I will screw up those other little clips, and it will take a long time to rearrange.

    Can I just select A and B then use a command like Swap, or something like that?


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    If you don't have auto ripple on, you shouldn't affect the other clips if you drag A to position B and Vic versa. Without auto ripple, only the clip you select will move.

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    Yes, but A is shorter than B. If I move B to A's place, B will be cut into A's length, and A will have blank space after. The little clips need to stick to A & B.

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    Then you will have to trim clip B and if long enough expand clip A.

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    Can't do that. I did a 15 minutes property walkthrough, and just need to rearrange some bits. I've nested them into parts I want to keep as they are, and just need to swap places. I did it manualy, CTRL+Drag then rearranging the rest, but it would've been nice if Premiere had an option to select two clips and swap their places. The length will be the same, only the two clips order would be different.

    Thanks for your quick reply.

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    I occasionaly work on Avid, while being even more expensive than the already expensive alternatives it is by far my editor of choice for speed and power. The editing tools, shortcut based, are fast and intuitive. The latest version, media composer 5, has new features that may make it even faster, or may just offer an alternative method. I havn't had the chance to use it yet to find out, but I'll definately be downloading the trial as soon as some spare time comes around to get to grips with the changes.

    If it's a possibility you may want to check it out as it seems your priorities are similar to mine and you may prefer it.

    Bring back Avid Free DV as an HDV or AVCHD version I say.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Boggy View Post
    Can't do that. I did a 15 minutes property walkthrough, and just need to rearrange some bits.
    A few options.

    1. If you're only using the media once in the timeline, you can replace the clips with each other in the bin (right click in the bin, select replace media)
    2. To apply the same cuts and effects to a clip, right click clip a in the time line and select copy. Then select clip b in the timeline, right click and select paste attributes. I recommend that you place clip a above clip b in the timeline, apply the copied attributes, and then place the clip over the top.

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