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    Default Blood Drive Video

    heres a video i was asked to make for the whole school to watch about the upcoming blood drive enjoy!!

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    your video gets the point across.
    But I am gonna give you general tips just in case you make other videos since it is a critics forum!
    the first thing that hit me was that no one there were really actors, but that is fine really, not like you didn't know, but on the technical side there is still things you can do to improve and make it look more "film like". for example get a lot more shots. some close ups some different angles and stuff, so it is more dramatic. this will also make the shots a bit less boring, because seeing more than 10 seconds the same thing does get a bit boring. for the editing now, there is one small thing but VERY important to make it look more professional is to cut it at the right place, for example when they push the beds, well you can see they start to walk, they wern't actualy pushing it before the shot, so just cutting a bit before would have been good. (ow and... small thingsfor actors! DO NOT LOOK AT THE CAMERA!)

    well here you have some small tips. they are very basic things, and I had a bit of time... so hope it helped if you make another video!

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    Well done for giving it a go and trying to introduce a bit of a story.

    First things first: The sound in the opening sequence is critical - this is where you are trying to get information across. It wasn't terrible, but could have been better. There is too much background noise and "room sound". You need to get in closer with the mic, either a shotgun on a boom above the frame or a couple of tie clip (lavalier) mics. In fact for an informational shoot like this, a visible hand held mic would not be out of order as the girls are acting as reporter and interviewee. The other issue with te sound is that Savannah speaks too quickly - especially early on, before we've got used to her voice. Remember - this is the bit which is getting the message across - the what, when and where need to come across clearly.

    I'd reinforce the time and the place with a lower third or even a whole screen caption.

    Now we come to the "why". You could go a number of ways: the two obvious ones are one story as you have done or listing lots of different ways in which donated blood can help. The second was is in many ways easier. You can also make it much more snappy, lots of quick cuts between different shots of different applications for stock blood, narration listing the ways, captions reinforcing the narration and up tempo music giving it all a lively, urgent feel.

    The story of one person approach is much more difficult. Remember, the objective is to make people want to give blood. And with only one character (and perhaps his family) it is really important that te viewer feels sympathy for the character. Just having a few shots and captions doesn't really cut it, I'm afraid, though the leap for joy at the end had the right sort of uplifing feel.

    What we really needed was Bob telling us how he feels, why he needs the blood (this requires great scriptwriting and acting as it's a fine line between feeling sorry for someone and him coming across as a selfish and self-pitying person). Add to that some lines from members of his family (a mother close to/in tears, a sister putting on a brave face, a father perhaps expressing gratitude that there are people in this world wh will selflessly give their blood so that people such as his son can undergo necessary operations. Throw into the mix an interview with a doctor/nurse/surgeon explaining they can do all this work but in order to do so they need an endless and constant supply of blood. These "interviews" would be continuous and you'd chop between showing the interviewee and Bob undergoing his "surgery" to keep the visuals lively.

    And end as you did with Bob getting out of his wheelchair, leaving the hospital and leaping in the air - cliché but a nice feel good ending.
    That would be my approach, anyway.
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    At the beginning the two girls should be have a mic closer to them so you can hear them very clearly. I would also, given your target audience, put up bullet points across the bottom of the screen like on the TV news. (called lower thirds) Just on the important points like minimum age, start time, location etc...

    If you are a director, it is up to you to observe what is going on and to get the actors to do what you want them to do and not let people who shouldn't be in the shot to just walk into shot. If it's not right, then shoot it again. This goes for off camera sounds as well.

    The end titles was for me a big no, no. A red background with black letters is very aggressive. I presume you used red for blood. Change this for a simple white on black, it's much more stylish and professional. Just look at the end credits of virtually every movie ever made they are white text on a black background. I'm not saying Hollywood is always right or that you should copy things from other movies but some time they do know what they are doing.

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    I can't add a whole lot to what the others have said, but you could have used a lot more background music. The small bit of music you brought in around the 50-second mark didn't fit at all in my opinion. And I would have the two girls at the beginning stand up.

    I don't want Bob to live. He sniffs too much. Never could stand a sniffer....

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    hahaahah thanks for the opinions guys first off addressing the sound we were supposed to have clip on mikes but becasue of the "actors" we never really had a very good scheduled date so the day we ended up filming we ended up not having the mike so we had to make do with the little mike on the cam. Next the background being red and black i tottally agree with you i did not like it one bit but since the school colors are red and black we were required to make the credits that wway. Well anyways im still trying to get used to sony vegas pro but you can definatly expect more videos from me since im getting a new hd cam for christmas so anyways thanks a lot for the critique this is definatly the type of forum i was looking for

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