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Thread: Which External Hard Drive to get?

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    Hi all,
    I have a video business, at the moment mainly doing Wedding Videography. I have found the need to use an external drive with my PC. I had an iomega prestige 1TB which broke after a month or so. I bought a Seagate Expansion 1.5TB which now has started to make clicking noises, and is on its way out.
    I want to buy a premium Ex Hard Drive, that wont die after a few months, that is suitable for video editing.


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    I am surprised at the short lifespan of your drives. I dare not ask how you abuse them

    I assume you are using these USB drives for backup purposes. Many folk find USB is unsuitable (too slow) for use with video editing software.
    Given you may not choose Iomega or Seagate, perhaps you could try 'Western Digital'. They do a bafflingly large variety of drives in their 'my book' series. (Western Digital My Book - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Other than the disk size and speed, there are options for how it would connect to your pc, and whether there is any RAID system. As to be expected, Amazon sell some of the range.

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