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Thread: Mickey Smith Dark Side of The lens

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    This is by far my favourite video on youtube it is beautifully put together but I was hoping somebody could give me some expert breakdowns of whats going on with regard the film treatment in the shot.

    What is the filter he is using to get such a nice shot where can i get it? How can I reproduce this effect with my own footage? Any input would be much appreciated.

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    Well there is a lot going on in this video. The main things I would say are the slow mo and other time shifts, the contrast adjusted crunching the blacks. Has put a vignetting around the edge, a lot of colour adjusting etc..... And also he shot it with a really good lens.

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    Do you reckon the general tone of the film was created using a colour correct or was it a plug in of some sort, I'm really keen to mimic it I've been obsessed since I've seen it! I'm new enough to this forum if I throw up an example is there a thread where people can critique it and give some pointers?

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    I couldn't say if it was one plug-in that was used but I would guess it was a number of things. As the effects are different in different places.

    There is a section of the forum called the USER VIDEOS section were you can post your work for critiquing.

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    looks to me like the magic bullet presets collection

    some quality footage in there !

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    Yeah I've been researching into that what do you make of it heard anything good about it? i.e. could you accomplish the same in FCP if you bothered your arse?

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    Yes its very good if used carefully. some of the Fx are a little tired now but you can edit them to make your own custom sets. its very easy to use but VERY processor hungry !!! footage takes an age to render even on a fairly quick system. .....

    I'm not familiar with final cut so unsure if you could achieve thew same results with it.

    I'm pretty certain Magic Bullet looks has been used on the film you posted.

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