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Thread: Which looks the best ?

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    Default Which looks the best ?

    I've revisited my opener and I'm not sure which looks the best. They are very similar, just a little different. opinions please.

    1. This one

    2. This one

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    I think I prefer the second one. The blue outline of the moon is more relative to 'Midnight Blue'.

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    What about "flipping" it so that the plane travels left to right?

    The fireworks remind me a bit of 9/11 in this direction.

    Colour-wise, I go for version 2.

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    Just to be difficult I like the moon better in 2 but the lettering better in 1 (it was sharper and stood out much more)!
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    It's funny but one of the reasons I revisited was that I didn't get the mask right on the moon the first time you can see a black edge which I didn't like. Interesting observation on 9/11 Rob I hadn't thought of that. All these are good pointers which I can look at and helps me tweek here and there to get it looking better. For example the colour in version one is much closer to the origional footage, I thought I'd gone a bit to far on version 2. It's interesting that Timlake likes the blue halo around the moon in version 2.

    Thanks guys.

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    Dude i prefer the first one I think it looks a lot cleaner than the second. Can't explain why unfortunately just appeals to me.

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    Thank you Seán it may look cleaner because I rendered it in 1080p and the second one in 720p.

    Rob, I just looked and I don't know how to flip the image to make the plane go from left to right in Vegas, well I can make it fly backwards but that's not the same.

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    I don't know if it is only me but the cloud are kinda jerky in the first one. less in the second one but it stops when the letter appear. but other than the cloud I like the first one more

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    Yes they are jerky but that is just a YouTube thing. On the origional footage it's smooth, both videos are the same piece of footage.

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    I prefer the second, but my thoughts are:
    1) The original 'effect' is now lost. It has been replaced by fireworks. The original effect might never have happened.
    2) Although the particles don't actually go to create the lettering, I would avoid allowing the particles appear lower than the base of the text (see 0:08 for a smattering of particles below the text). Then the viewer may be convinced that the firework particles really did create the letters.

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