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Thread: Sony Vegas, trying to hear sound while recording from a synth

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    Default Sony Vegas, trying to hear sound while recording from a synth

    I've successfully got my synth connected (simply via headphone out to microphone in) to SV and can hear stuff on playback but I can't hear what I'm playing while recording!!!

    Clearly this is a disaster and can anyone help me click the right combination of buttons, assuming that is that I'm not doing something fundamentally wrong (which I probably am).

    Thanks for any help

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    I am not a Vegas user. There may be a setting to allow this; but here are some considerations:
    1) Whether it can be done or not may depend on your Sound Card's ability to route the audio in the way you want.
    2) If you could hear it (while you are recording), then there would certainly be a delay. You would hear the playing fractionally (or more!) late.
    3) Whilst not affecting your query, taking the headphone socket output to the PC's mic input may not give the best results.

    A simple remedy may be to split the output from the synth into two. One end would connect to the PC (as at present) and the other connected to your headphones or an external amp. In that way, when recording, you would hear the sound 'before' it reached the PC.
    Personally, I would use a small mixer. There is a good selection of such devices available.

    Hoping that makes some sense.

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