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Thread: Contour hd problems RAW data

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    Default Contour hd problems RAW data

    I have a contour hd and i put a kingston 32 gb sd card in and the files that it records are not working. When i play it in quicktime it says its not a file that it understands but it is a .mov file.

    I have tried avs converter but it says it does not understand it either or it is RAW data, any ideas???

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    Download a program called GSpot. Then put the video file into it. It will tell you exactly what the codec used is and if you have it installed and all sorts of other useful information.

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    I used the program and comes up unkown.

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    Have you tried the software on THIS PAGE

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    Yeah it does not reconise it either.

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    It sounds like the file is corrupt. If thats the case there is nothing I know of that will repair this. Sorry.

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    ok thanks heaps

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