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    Talking BTEC Media - Animation - RSPCA Web Advert

    Hi guys.
    My most recent brief in my Media course at College was to make an Animation. My tutor decided we should all make videos for the RSPCA Animation advert competition as it already had a brief.
    So the brief was to make a 15 second Animation video using any style we wanted to show a "Positive Relationship" between humans and animals.

    Anyway I'm at the Evaluation stage now, so it would be great if I could get some comments with some criticism.
    I'd love you to be as harsh as possible. I want to learn what I can do better from people a lot more experienced than me so it would be great if you could give me some really critical stuff. I'm not going to get upset so don't back down!


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    decent first try!

    I'll give you my best try at giving you advice since I've never really done stop motion (well that is not true, I did with legos like... 10 years ago, but that doesn't really count :P)
    but like on visual side I see a few things which bother me. it is mainly how rough the animation looks at some point. especialy when the camera is moving. I dunno if you are using a tripod but you should really try being as smooth as possible, because when you move towards the whale it looks like you pan a bit than rotate than pan than rotate... and so on. it doesn't look like you do both at the same time. Same really when you pan up, it is rather rough, and you have little jumps in the video. but I know it is hard, and it takes practice, so don't give up

    Otherwise I have one slight issue with the DoF changing. might be just my taste but I find that when you moved the Dof closer to follow the people I found it more confusing than anything, I feel staying on the wale would have been fine, but yea maybe that is just me.

    and than of course there is the background which you could have made more realistic, and also make it so it seams like the whale goes actually in the water. but yea I guess these were mainly choices you made to make it easier, so that is fare

    So keep trying, and I hope my tips helped!

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    WAYOFF (I can't be bothered to type all those full stops so please accept my apologies and get used to it ) is right about the smoothness of the camera movement. I suspect it is much more difficult to tilt a camera little by little evenly than it is to move the characters. Good on you for having a go at that, but I'd suggest work to improve that aspect or drop it.

    Another problem was the lighting - all over the place - unless it was meant to be so (eg representing a storm) but if so, that wasn't clear.

    Personally I'd drop the pull focus stuff. Yes, I know it's all the rage ***, but in this instance I found it a massive distraction. If you must use it, I thought the first shift - from the whale to the foreground to bring the people in was good, but rather than try to follow focus (which, like the camera movement is jerky) let them move forward (even going out of focus) cut to a closer shot where everything is back in focus.

    I thought it was a good little "feel good" film which fitted the brief well. Nice uplifting music. Personally I think the makeshift background, characters and props worked well and don't think you needed to add anything - except maybe the splash, WAYOFF suggested.

    Will you be posting a later version here? I hope so.

    *** See:

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    Thanks a lot for the help and advice.
    I used a tripod for all of this and I wanted to see if I could do a sort of Matrix feeling thing where the Camera moves around and everything stays still. I definitely agree it wasn't smooth enough. I think next time I might map out on the floor where the legs of the tripod have to go so that it can be super smooth and look a lot better. There are a few shots where I didn't rotate and just panned because I needed to catch up the panning with the rotating! Haha. As for the jumps I think I just needed to spend more time on it and add in more frames, I think it was at 20fps for around 200 frames.
    Yeah I agree about the DOF too. I wanted to put it in to try and show distance between the front of the beach and the whale at the back. I sort of also threw it in just to show my tutor that I can do it as he likes people to demonstrate stuff like that. I think in future I should leave it out as you guys and a few others have said it doesn't really add anything and makes it a little hard to watch. So I think I should leave it out!
    Okay for the background. I made it out of stuff like that as I wanted to keep the lego/playdough feel flowing through, but having seen some other people from my class and their more realistic backgrounds I think mine would have looked better a bit more realistic.
    I thought about a splash when the whale goes into the water, but I couldn't think of an easy way to do it. Again if I had spent more time on it I probably could have found a way, maybe next time!
    Also, the lighting was a big mistake. The camera was on Aperture Priority, so the shutter was Auto. I was using a remote shutter so for a few of the shots I was accidentally in front of the set, blocking the sunlight. I didn't realise I'd done it until I loaded them up on my laptop and by then it would have taken too long to re-shoot. So I just decided to colour-correct them as much as possible, it may not look it but they're much better than they were! Definite improvement for the future though.

    Thanks again for taking your time to criticise it for me though, should make my evaluation a lot easier and better!

    I might do another one, depending on what I chose to do for my FMP, but I will definitely post it here if I do!

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    I don't think I can add anything useful. All the above have coved every thing. I enjoyed it. Well done. If you do another one I would try for more frames per second to give it a smoother feel.

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    The only thing I would add to what's been said is that the music is way too loud. I see this on YouTube all the time now where it seems people actually normalize (or even hard limit) audio tracks for their movies, often to the point of distortion. Find yourself a few good classic DVDs and try to match your loudness levels to them. That's the easiest way to do it. You're making a movie or a DVD--not a CD.

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