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    A Canadian, based in London, I have been doing graphic design and am looking at making the transition into post - specifically editing. I don't know as much as I ought to, but I'm a quick learner.

    What I'd like to do is get a setup that will be adequate, until I can either get something better from home (more for the money) or make a better purchase here.

    An aquaintance of mine offered the following:

    - intel quad core 2.4ghz G0 stepping
    - 4gb 1066 ram
    - 2x 10000 RPM raptor (Raid 0)
    - 500GB Storage./data drive
    - CD DVD rewriter
    - Case + 500w powersupply (To power the ati gfx card)
    - ASUS motherboard w/ onboard RAID, gigabit lan, loads of USB ports and 7.1 sound

    What are your (fellow forum users) thoughts? Will that do, for a while, at least? Is the hard drive setup ok?

    Also, I'd looked at a gfx card - but do I need one that powerful? I'd like a card with two DVI ports but, to do reasonable editing work, what should I be looking at?

    I've been able to get away with a single hard drive, so this multi drive business is a bit alien to me. On which drive would I put the Operating System and basic software?

    Also, if there is anyone in the business (or training to be) - who is located in London - I'd love to ask a few questions.

    Thanks for your time, folks.

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    I would say this system will be fine for you. If you are working with HD footage, will you want to make Bluray disks and not just standard DVDs. Raid 0 means having a number of different hard disks rigged up to make them act like one big disk. Have a read of THIS to see is that is what you really want. Although raid 0 will improve the efficiency of the disks for you it is not as "safe" as other raid set ups.

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    Much appreciated. Yes, as I've done some basic reading, I have read the word "unreliable" before. Raid 0 seems to be the quickest, but least safe.

    How would you set those three drives up, with a degree of safety in mind?

    So you reckon a Blu Ray burner would be essential, eh?

    Any thoughts on the graphics card - with what I mentioned in mind?

    Thanks again.

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    I'm not an expert with computers so I don't really know the best way to do it. I have 3 separate HDs. One for the Os, one for the media, and one for storage/back up. Whether thats a good way or not I don't know. If you are shooting in Hi Def, will you want to keep it Hi Def on a disk to watch on TV or send to clients, if so you will need a Bluray burner to make Hi Def disks or will the footage just be uploaded to YouTube or kept on the PC, then you won't need a Bluray burner. Have a think about where you want to be in a year or so and see what you think.

    As for the graphics card I wouldn't be the best to advise not really knowing enough about them.

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    Much appreciated. I am sure someone will be able to advise on hard drive set-ups and graphics cards... and salt.

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