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Thread: Rendering advice needed

  1. Smile Rendering advice needed

    Hi, I am currently editing HDV footage using sony vegas 9 and am rendering to a wmv. format, however I notice there is a a slight drop in video quality when watching the final product, can anyone put any light on the subject as to maybe prefered formats to render to, to remain perfect visual quality. Thanks very much

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    That's a big question and the answer is, as always, "it depends"
    Firstly, the most important thing is what do you want to view it on? What looks good on a DVD does not necessarily look so good in (say) WIndows Media Player.
    Secondly, you say drop in video quality - what are you comparing it to, what is the source video (ie the "good" video and how are you viewing that?

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    Like Tim said it depends, What I would do is render in the same format as the souse material ie HDV.

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