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    Default color correction?

    hey I got a simple question how can i make my movie look less like a home movie I am using adobe premiere and have heard of color correction and stuff how do you use this tool?

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    You can do levels adjustments on film, just like on regular photos in Photoshop for example.

    However, for specific help with Premiere I don't have a copy of the software so I can't say. The theory is that you can adjust the red, green and blue content - or just overall saturation, brightness and contrast, in order to give your film a darker, lighter or 'washed out' look. Traffic is a good example of three different colour correction processes depending on where the part of the film is taking place (although some of this may have been specific film stock and traditional film processing rather than digitally done).

    Look for stuff like "levels adjustment" "hue, saturation and contrast" and stuff like that, and then experiment. It usually works best to treat each shot separately, or grouping shots taken in the same place together, to get the levels just nice.

    Hope this helps,

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