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Thread: Music Background for Sony Vegas 10

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    Question Music Background for Sony Vegas 10

    Heloo mates
    is there any website that offer free sound music like this one :
    (direct download link)
    it's kind of opera thing and stuff . thanks guys

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    Hi fidraman

    Check out the music track "Optimus Primate" on (type in the track name in the bottom keyword search). Sounds similar but with a more classy vibe. You can listen online and download instantly. It's not free, but at 12 it's good value for a great track. There's a submix and sting too. Lots of other production music in a similar theme there too.

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    thanks maan !! that's awsome i have purchased a few song and they are tooop awsome .
    thanks maan

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    No probs fidraman! happy to help!

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