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Thread: W.A.Y.O.F.F. Diaries Ep.2

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    Default W.A.Y.O.F.F. Diaries Ep.2

    Hi! so I posted some of my video in pimp the link, (was moved to youtube subforum, great way to start with a good reputation over here. YAY!)
    But I saw that forum for critical assessment! and it is exactly what I need. so I'll post my latest video, because I think it is the most technical, except for the script which was written the night before (and if you want to watch other videos you know were to get them...)

    So I would love critics whether it is about the sound, video, composition, acting, bad jokes!
    I can take it it is the only way I'll learn.

    On a side note, I'd like to say I do everything on my own.
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    It was OK in a sort of gently amusing way. I'm unsure whether the lighting was intentional or not: your face was almost constantly half in half shadow - this may have been accidental, but I thought it had a certain "Look" about it. The sound was very clear - I liked the "natural" sound - there was a hint of "roominess" about it, but it didn't sound boxy.

    There are a couple of cuts which don't work. At 1.46 you cut from moving from screen left to right to moving into the shot from the right. You should avoid this, either by ensuring consecutive shots which include movement keep the same characters moving in the same director, or by inserting a "neutral" shot (ie moving directly towards/away from the camera) or a cutaway in between.

    Related to this and part of the reason for it is that you have two camera angles at virtually 180 degrees to your subject. I didn't notice this so much at 1.46 as I was following the movement (and disorientated by it in this case) but at 2.03 it just looks wrong. There is a line of action (here drawn through you and the friidge door). Unless you are deliverately trying to confuse, it's best not to cut between camera angles on different sides of the line. Again a nutral shot or a cutaway can come to your rescue.

    Sorry if my opening gambit seems a little unflattering. I quite enjoyed it while I had a few minutes to browse, but I'm at a loss as to think what audience you're aiming at.

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    I won't repeat what Tim said but take it that I agree with him on all points. Try and avoid jump cuts as well. For this type of YouTube video I thought it was shot quite well. At least more effort had gone into it than most YouTube videos of this nature. The thing that stands out for me in this video is your performance. I thought you came across very natural which is not easy to do in front of a camera. I liked your sense of humour and chuckled at most of the jokes. So you get Ali G in Switzerland.

    Well done.

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    Hi, thank you both for your comments.
    the light was... semi intentional lets put it that way. I use work lights, but I have to say the natural light that day was nice. it was a god surprise.
    I was aware of the 180 rule even if I didn't really follow it. this was mainly because of the lack space in the kitchen and some angles that looked horrible due to extra bright windows, but I totaly forgot about the direction, because now that you say it, yea... it is disturbing.

    for the audiance I am aiming at tbh I don't know. it wasn't something I really thought about. I am more or less just making what I want. And as I said I made that script very quickly. I have other video which are probably for a younger audience, and I plan on making a lot more videos with more "geeky" and trashy jokes, that would be closer to the general youtube community. right now I am just trying out stuff really.

    and for midnight Blue, than that must be where I got it from haha. because of you I am gonna worry from where I get my jokes now! :P well I guess no joke are all original. and yes we do get ali g in Switzerland. we also have electricity, and INTERNET

    haha well thanks you guys again. I'll think of you tips in my next video!

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