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Thread: Lighting one area of a dark room

  1. Default Lighting one area of a dark room

    Hi everyone!

    I have a rough idea of how to do this, but am looking for some advice.
    I want to shoot a video in a completely dark room, with just the centre lit up. Similar to this video:

    I want to try and keep the light tighter to the object in the middle though, because the space I have is quite a bit smaller. Any ideas how I could do this?
    Im guessing im going to need a powerful light and focus it somehow.

    Any advice appreciated


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    I hope you won't be riging a bike if your space is smaller than that. Yes you need a light that you can focus or has barn doors. This video was heavily lit from above ie the lights where right above the box and another at the front. If you look at the shadow you can see where the light came from.

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    No, I'll be on a unicycle Ah thanks, I hadn't thought to look at the shadows to work out where the light was coming from, seems blindingly obvious now!
    Opps, just realised I put this thread in the wrong section too!

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    Thats true, I know from experience that the wall will be visible unless you do what they have done in the video and hung black curtains over the walls. For a shoot like this one I would try and find a really big space like an empty warehouse or a theatre stage with black curtains or even a night shoot in an open outside area. Have you thought of having circle of lights around the "box" this may look quite good if the camera is set right.

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    Thanks for the advice. I had thought the space I have might be a little too small to get the same effect. I will just have to play around with lights I think. I like the idea of a circle of lights, I will give that a try.

    Now to find some suitable lights. Im thinking worklight type things.


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