well heres what my end goal is:

im going to set up maybe ten cameras on a stage during a concert.

i want to display the camera angles live feed using the two projectors.

im assuming the bullet cameras are cheaper because i will be using the pc as a DVR instead of ten individual cams.

from running sound, i assume the bullet cams will feed into a interface that has video outs that can be controlled by the pc?

Bullet Cams>>>Interface>>>PC>>>Interface>>>Projectors

am i even close on this one?
i am trying to figure out what i need to accomplish my goal but since i have such little experience in AV,so my questions are:

-what are the best cams for this app?

-does such an interface exist?

-can i control the the different projectors in real time with a pc?

end result,i want to have many cameras set up and be able to switch whats being played on the different projectors in realtime.