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Thread: Need some inputs on rendering

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    hey guys,

    so, since my HDD crashed and my college mates wanted me to edit a new video with previous footage, i had to download the files (allready encoded in vegas) from Vimeo, and then edit the new movie in Vegas and encode again. the problem is that i get these annoying stripes across the video, as you can see in the still image attached. also, if pausing when ppl are moving they get the "ghost" effect, which is slightly annoying.

    are there any settings i need to change when re-encoding? the output is to be 720p.


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    This could be an interlace setting problem. What setting have you got. On the field order setting the "usual" settings are as follows for the different types of footage:
    Interlaced HD, Upper field first
    Interlaced SD, Lower field first
    Progressive, None

    Hope this helps.

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    thanks, will try the HD setting

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    I think if it was me in that clip, I'd want to remain unrecognisable!

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