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    Hi. Can some one tell me what part of job in editing does one and what part the other one?
    If my playback is stoping and starts to crack when i put smalll effect on clip, whos fault is it, video or graphic card. other components i have are quite new and fine.
    Im planing to buy geforce GTX470 i hope that will improve smth, cause 9800Gt is not on list compatibilty with Premiere CS5 in wich i work.
    GeForce GTX 470

    thank you_mark

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    I don't know if your editing program makes use of your graphics card. So I would say it's you processor that is struggling with the playback of the video when you put an effect on it. I have a brand new very powerful computer and there are still some FX that slow down my play back, so don't feel bad.

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    It's generally a combination of the processor speed and hard disc read times that effects the ability to process video compression. When effects are applied there's more work to do and the processor has to work harder, normally creating intermediate render files is the way to go.

    I've just been looking into this myself and with Cs5 they have reprogramed a job share of processing power between the central processor and the graphic processor. So stuff is handed over to your graphics card leaving your CPU to get on with it's own stuff. This wont be the case for all effects work as only so many of the effects in Premiere have been wrote to hand over their load to you graphics card.

    It all works great and vastly reduces the need to create render files. I'm loving it and it really is still in its infancy.

    Check out this link to find out some interesting stuff on your 9800 GT and the GTX 470. Sadly GDDR5 seems to give a greater punch than your GDDR3, but it seems you could use it.

    Adobe Premiere CS5 Video Cards with CUDA Acceleration Mercury Playback Unlock Enable Hack Mod Tip


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    Thank a lot guys!!
    This link helped me huge.
    Adobe recommends the GeForce GTX 285, Quadro 3800, Quadro 4800, Quadro 5800 and the Quadro CX for CS5.
    The latest version 5.2 added some more cards to fit req. This are GTX470, Quadro4000, Quadro5000.
    Well, either il go on higher then 475 or ill try to grab update

    Thank You All!


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    For the sake of a little completeness for future searchers. Here's a little info from that link:

    The Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere CS5 can use the graphics card's GPU for accelerated playback, effects, deinterlacing, blending modes, scaling and rendering output.


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