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Thread: In my life- the feet music video

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    Default In my life- the feet music video

    i posted this threds on "pimp the link" but i think this place is more relevat
    so here is a music video me and my friends shoot
    hope you will enjoy

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    Thanks for post this. I really like this kind of thing. It's a simple idea but can really be powerful. If I had one criticism it would be the the time line seemed biased to ward the youthful side with only a little on the older side. I love the way you put in the cyclical side of life and carried on to the next generation.

    How did you keep the camera steady when walking ?

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    Hi, I really liked it as well, good work!

    The idea reminds me of a TV advert in the UK for John Lewis earlier this year.

    You can see the advert I mean by searching for 'John Lewis 2010 TV Advert' on YouTube.

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    Great concept and pretty well done.
    I could see a 1 minute version of this as an ad campaign for - I dunno, life assurance/insurance.
    I appreciate its difficult as we go through many more changes which can be picture here in younger life than older, but it did seem a bit strange to go from pushing a buggy to old man in slippers via only one other incarnation - especially a this accounts usually for more than half of one's life.
    Very enjoyable, and I barely noticed the transitions between one shot and the next. Very clever.

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    glad you liked it
    we just walk with the camera many times till we got used to hold it up good
    i am working on some other project now so if you want to watch them u are more then welcome to subscribe

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    thanks tim!
    glad u enjoyed!
    if you want you can subscribe, a new video will be ready soon

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