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Thread: Is my on-set audio workflow OK?

  1. Default Is my on-set audio workflow OK?

    Hi there

    I'm about to record sound for a short film using the Zoom H4n.

    The plan is to use the in-built speakers, and an external mic/input (Rode NTG 2), to record all dialogue. Is that a good idea?

    Or should I kill the in-built speakers, and just use the external mic?

    Finally, one last question, one that I know may sound stupid, but one that I have been unable to have answered adequately:

    If I record using one external mic, I will get only one channel of sound right? Is that what mono means?

    Does it follow that after recording using one external mic, I can then duplicate that one track/channel in my audio software, pan both the original and duplicated tracks hard left and right respectively, and end up with 'stereo' sound?

    I have done my best to sort/sift through relevant pages here, but am now at a point where I need some seriously pointed guidance.

    All help/thoughts/comments MUCH appreciated!



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    Hi Miggy The Zoom H4n internal Mics (not speakers) are very good. If you record with these you will get a true stereo field. If you record from the Rode mic you will get one channle but if you duplicate that and push one channle to the left and one chanle to the right this will NOT create a "stereo sound". I don't know what you are recording so I don't know how to advise you. One thing you could do is use the stereo internal mics and the rode at the same time, using the 4 channle recording option. I did a test with the zoom H4n recently and put it on YouTube.

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    Cheers MB!

    The option of using the stereo internal mics and the Rode at the same time in the 4 channel option is one I favour for sure. The internal mics will give us good enough dialogue, embedded in natural atmos, and the external mic will give us very focused dialogue.

    I'm recording mostly dialogue in interior scenes.

    I learned just yesterday that by turning 'Mono Mix' ON for the external mic, you can get a true/(truer?) stereo field. I'm going to test that out today.

    Finally, you wouldn't happen to know if using a mixer with the H4n is a good idea?


    Miguel Sanchez

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    Quote Originally Posted by miggy sanchez View Post
    Finally, you wouldn't happen to know if using a mixer with the H4n is a good idea?
    Not sure how you would use a Zoom with a mixer as it is in a way it's own mixer. You can set the recording volume on the H4n for each channel separately. Then just do a level mix in editing. I suppose you could send a signal from a mixer to the H4n if you wanted to do that.

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    Cheers again MB for your reply.

    The biggest question on my mind (there are 100ís!) that still remains is:

    Does recording dialogue through one channel (through the H4nís input 1) pose any problems in post-production?

    As far as I can tell, thereís no way to mix the sound through input 1 so that it sits centre in the stereo field.

    I hope the question makes some sense.



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    That's right it is a mono recording but this is easily fixed in post. I don't know what video editing software you use but for example in Sony Vegas you can, with a couple of clicks, put the sound in the middle, left, right, left and right (but not true stereo) or anywhere in between.

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