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    Sorry guys, I rarely do forums so I hope I got this topic in the right spot. Ok I been using vegas for a few years now but I still never learned how to turn a part of a clip/vidoeo into an image. I looked everywhere across the net for the answer but no dice. :"(

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    I presume you mean a still image. You can;t have searched very hard, or maybe you just used the wrong words.

    Anyway take a look at number 12 here:

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    That floppy disc icon thing in the link Tim left is the easiest way.

    Another way if you have Windows 7 is to re-size the preview pane to whatever size you want the file to be, and then use the "snipping tool" that comes with W7. It's a very handy new tool MS came up with for making screen shots. I use it all the time.

    Also, doing the floppy icon thing only gives you a low bitrate jpg or png. If you want a tiff or bmp, you'll need to zero in on the frame you want, split the movie just before and after the frame, and then double click the frame to select it. Then choose "render as" from the file menu, and choose to save it as an image sequence. Since you only have one frame selected, then only that frame will be saved. You can choose to save it as a tiff or bmp there. Also, I think that whatever size you set the preview pane to will be the size of the still you export/render.
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    There's several scripts which make simple work of this. Do a search over at jetdv scripts for 'snapshot'.

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